Tao Kreibich has #linesickness

By: Downdays February 19, 2020

Line sickness: If you’re a regular Downdays reader, you may be familiar with this affliction. It’s a rare condition, but common among skiers who’ve had one too many good powder days, and are now frothing for more. In essence, you begin to see lines everywhere. It may start out innocently enough, by scoping billy-goat lines and closeout cliffs at the local resort. But left unchecked, line sickness soon grows into an all-consuming compulsion, as the mind begins to see lines wherever it looks. Off the roof of the house, across the kitchen table, opposite transition stomp into the sink: the possibilities become overwhelming.

Peak Performance athlete Tao Kreibich is one of the poor souls afflicted with line sickness. However, he’s turned his condition into a strength; after all, “being sick” is a prerequisite in freeride. Tao was sick enough to qualify for this year’s Freeride World Tour, and Peak Performance put together this “confession” from Tao to help us understand his unique affliction, and welcome the rookie into the ranks.