Laax 2020 | Crap Attack #2

By: Downdays February 06, 2020

Question #1: What is a Crap Sogn Gion?

Answer: It means “St. John’s Stone.”

Question #2: What language is that?

Answer: It’s Rumantsch, Switzerland’s fourth official language.

Question #3: What is a Crap Attack?

Answer: It’s a semi-regular blast of ski action from the pristine snowparks of Laax atop the Crap Sogn Gion!

With all your burning questions answered, it’s time to sit back and take a gaze at the latest action from Laax’s pristine pipe and snowparks atop the Crap. Serving up the slaw in this episode: Colin Wili, Robin Briguet, Rafael Kreienbühl, Frederick Iliano, Daniel Loosli and Xeno Lenherr.

We hear filmer/shredder Frederick just injured his knee and is out for the season. Please join us in wishing him the best!

Music: Thonio – Things End / Maya Isac – Temporary Home