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Colby Stevenson | IGNITE

By: Downdays January 21, 2020

Okay. There are segments, and then there are SEGMENTS. This right here is the second kind. Click play to watch as Colby Stevenson leaves no trick unstomped in a monumental backcountry segment delivered by the good people at SLVSH.

From Colby: With the month of February wide open (no competitions), we set out to build jumps and shred lines in Utah and Wyoming. The name IGNITE came to mind because it really lit the fire inside to ski and film backcountry for many years to come!
Big thanks to Monster Energy, K2 Skis, and MountainFLOW eco-wax for supporting this vision.
Shoutout to my friends behind the camera: Andrew Napier, Justin Mayers, Josh Berman, Joss Christensen