Joint Efforts Vol. 5: Ski the Grand Staircase

By: Downdays January 16, 2020

The Joint Efforts series has given us an insider’s view of the many exceptional personalities that drive Armada Skis, each providing a glimpse into their own unique world. The fifth and final installment of Joint Efforts this year comes courtesy of the Provo brothers, who set their sights on a true Wild West adventure: skiing among the red-rock spires of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in southern Utah.

“Technically this was the last place to be ‘found’ in the continental US, the last place to be put on the map,” says Ian Provo. “Either it was too rugged and wild, or it didn’t have anything to offer until John Wesley Powell came along and made the first voyage down the Colorado River, which was unknown then in 1869. At one of his camps, he looked up and saw the steep and colorful cliffs of the Aquarius Plateau where 150 years later my brother and I would leave our first ski tracks.”

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