Alaskan dreams

Todd Ligare eats Alaskan lines for breakfast in “Prototype”

By: Ethan Stone March 19, 2024

Big mountain legend and Armada Skis rider Todd Ligare serves up line after dreamy Alaskan line in his latest drop, “Prototype.”

Follow the big-mountain legend Todd Ligare to Valdez, AK for the culmination of a winter, captured during a short but sweet trip with fortuitous weather, snow, and stability that allowed the crew to attack little-explored terrain in ideal conditions.

There’s so much excitement rolling into these trips, and we show almost every single run we took. "Prototype" is a document of a magical window where everything came together.
Todd Ligare

Edit: Jodie Stackhouse
Cinematography: Kadison Pelletier & Brody Jones
Photos: Daniel Stewart