Core Shots

Powder for days with Max Palm at St. Anton am Arlberg

By: Ethan Stone February 21, 2024

Do you know that feeling when it’s one of the first big dumps of the year, and you and the homies are absolutely frothing to go skiing? This episode of Core Shots captures exactly that vibe.

Mid-December, St. Anton am Arlberg: it’s been absolutely nuking, with nearly two meters of snow falling in a matter of days. Our fearless Core Shots filmer drives through the blizzard to link up with Max Palm, Toby Rafford and friends for a day of unforgettable stoke.

A few lessons learned: Yes, it’s really hard to film followcam shots in waist-deep powder. Yes, you should probably bring powder skis if you’re going to attempt to do so. And no, you should not try to drive the Arlberg Pass in a rear-wheel-drive vehicle with no snow chains.