slavic duo strikes again

CzechMate S03E01 Febroary | Daniel Hanka and Simon Bartik

By: Simon Bartik April 02, 2024

CzechMates Simon Bartik and Daniel Hanka from the Horsefeathers team are back. 3rd season of their Slavic web series just started, and this time it’s a 100% Czech experience. Watch how they skied their local park Vitkovice along with other homies Stepan “Speedy” Hudecek, Vojta Bresky, Vit Zarybnicky, Tomas Kroczek, and Honza Ferbr.

From YouTube:

Better late then never, huh? This season we were committed to fulfill the name of this project and finally film couple episodes in Czech… However, in similar fashion to last year, this year’s winter was quite terrible. So believe it or not, this episode is filmed in mid-February, yet it looks like end of May hah. Well, it is what it is. Also, that’s why we named this episode this way. February and bros… get it? HAHA, GET IT??? I think we’ve achieved comedy over here. Alright…now enjoy some fun shredding! Thanks for watching.

Skiing by Simon Bartik, Daniel Hanka, Stepan Hudecek, Vojta Bresky, Vit Zarybnicky, Tomas Kroczek & Jan Ferbr

CzechMate is supported by: Horsefeathers, Volkl, Marker, Dalbello and Daniel’s and Simon’s big hearts.

We would like to thank everybody that has been following this video project. We really appreciate the love and support. It really means a lot to us!