arsenic street trip

Get Rich Quick Scheme by Oliver Hoblitzelle

By: Simon Bartik March 23, 2024

Another day, another surprise street film drop. We’ve seen several projects released mid-winter recently, and Get Rich Quick Scheme by Oliver Hoblitzelle is not an exception. Check out 6 minutes of street skiing by one of the best in the game right now. Featuring Arsenic Anywhere squad Cal Carson, Harald Hellström, Joel Magnusson, Mainio Ormio, Oscar Weary, Lauri Kivari, Antti Leikas, and Chase Mohrman.

From YouTube:

Arsenic presents:

Cal Carson

Harald Hellström

Joel Magnusson

Mainio Ormio

Oscar Weary

Lauri Kivari

Antti Leikas

Chase Mohrman

Shot and cut: Oliver Hoblitzelle

Thank you to the clubhouse, Janne Saarinen, Anttu Oikkonen, Jussi Pallaskivi, all you can eat sushi, Paddy Flanagan, Sanch, Charlie Gnoza, and Hesburger mayonnaise.