By: Roy Kittler February 12, 2018

Stomp It Tutorials brings you 10 hints on how to ski powder. Hit play and take your powder skiing skills to the next level.

In this video, they will show you how to to get started skiing powder. Additionally, they also pushed in some tips that can help the more advanced skiers out there too. Have fun shredding some powder out there!

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Tips in the tutorial: 00:30

Tip 1: Ski choice 01:10

Tip 2: Dust on crust 01:34

Tip 3: Skiing position 01:54

Tip 4: Skis close together 02:13

Tip 5: Ski short runs 02:30

Tip 6: The essential up / down 03:05

Tip 7: Turn on top 04:08

Tip 8: Pole planting 04:55

Tip 9: Turn with the terrain 05:36

Tip 10: “Big mountain turns”