Eli G on da mic

Mic’d Up Episode 4 | Elisabeth Gerritzen

By: Ethan Stone April 19, 2022

Join Elisabeth Gerritzen and the rest of the Peak Performance squad in Mic’d Up, Episode 4 as they prepare to face the Freeride World Tour’s biggest challenge: the final showdown of the season on the storied flanks of the Bec des Rosses in Verbier.

Once again, the riders are facing the intimidating Bec des Rosses. It is time for the Grande Finale of Freeride World Tour – the Xtreme Verbier. This mythical mountain is already as extreme as it gets, but this year also covered in difficult Sahara sand. We followed Elisabeth Gerritzen and the rest of the team as they prepared for the very last stop of the season and the most challenging one so far. Who will be crowned the new Freeride World Champion?

Filmed by Marcus Ahlström
Edited by Harald Goldkuhl