No snow required: Real Skifi Episode 16

By: admin August 01, 2016

In the summer months, most skiers find something to do besides skiing. Of course, the guys from Real Skifi are definitely not “most skiers.”

Already established players in the freeskiing world, Real Skifi has a five-year canon and millions of Youtube views backing up their signature blend of outside-the-box ski stuntsmanship. Episode 16 shows the crew ready to strap on skis for any and all occasions—no snow required.

In fact, there’s not a patch of snow to be seen in the five minutes of Real Skifi: Episode 16. What there is, is skiing on basically every other surface: grass, concrete, dirt, rocks, water. There’s BMX jumps, trail riding, longboarding and bridge swings; all, you guessed it, on skis.

As entertaining as all of this is, it raises the question: when is enough enough? Aren’t activities like cliff jumping, skateboarding and bridge swings radical enough by themselves? Do we really need to be pushing the limits of skiing into every conceivable non-skiing activity?

Then again: would I be writing about this webisode right now, if these guys hadn’t strapped on skis to do all this stuff in one episode?

Anyway, if you’re motivated enough to put on skis and get winched down a double stairset in the heat of summer, it’s probably a moot question. We’re definitely going to watch you do it! And it makes for one hell of a summer episode, with cross-category appeal and viral potential to boot. Not to mention giving everyone with access to a winch some bad ideas.