“Ruin and Rose” trailer: Take a trip with MSP

By: admin July 28, 2016

It’s official: the trailer rollout for 2016 ski movies is officially underway. TGR got in yesterday with the trailer for Tight Loose, and today Matchstick Productions released the trailer for their 2016 effort, Ruin and Rose.

A dystopian future

Part ski movie, part dystopian vision of the future, Ruin and Rose looks to be a bold departure for MSP. After all, for decades they’ve more or less set the standard for what a “ski movie” is. (In the early 2000s they practically trademarked the category.) This year though, the company has set its signature blend of ski action within a story about a post-apocalyptic future, a place where snow has become a relic of the past.

Ruin and Rose’s Big Empty. Source:

Here’s what MSP has to say:

A surreal future leaves the world without water and consumed by sand: the Big Empty. A group of children survives alone on the edge of the endless desert in the ruin of the now. When a young boy unearths an ancient relic hinting at the lost wonders of winter, he sets off in search of the ghosts that once called the mountains their home. This bold cinematic experience balances stunning skiing with a wild and hopeful journey into the forgotten lands of myth and magic beyond the Empty.

All grown up…

In a nutshull: the company that once brought us Brad Holmes rapping on the hood of a car is now all grown up. Ruin and Rose seeks to bring you that rare specimen in ski filmmaking, a “story.” Which is set, no less, in an environmental apocalypse with probably not-coincidental similarities to what all those climate scientists have been warning us about. (A future without snow, et cetera, et cetera.) In other words, not your run-of-the-mill ski porn.

…but still banging hammers

Have no fear. Even if you’re a ski-movie watcher who prefers action over narrative, the glimpse of ski shots in the trailer leaves no doubt that MSP is still honing the cutting edge of freeskiing cinematography. Rowdy big mountain, BC freestyle, park and urban skiing included. So here’s a glimpse of what lies beyond the Big Empty.