By: Matt Masson October 26, 2022

Brap Ski 2 is, unsurprisingly, the follow-up to Brap Ski 1. The pillows, road gaps and Alaskan spines will make you think you’re watching Matchstick Productions in its prime. The skiing is top-quality, there are enough pow-butters and smears to keep the kids entertained, and the aggressively 80s/90s soundtrack is almost as entertaining as the skiing. This is a definite “must-watch” before the snow starts to fall this winter!

With K2 Skis and Anon team rider Karl Fostvedt in the leading role and a mixed gang of veterans and rookies in tow, Native Earth Productions seems to have evolved from a homegrown Sun Valley production into something approaching real-deal ski filmmakers. There’s a lot of impressive drone work to complement the excellent skiing and the production quality is definitely on a new level, even as it remains delightfully rough around the edges.

Brap Ski 2 features Daron Rahlves, Karl Fostvedt, Thayne Rich, Lucas Wachs, McKenna Peterson, Wingtai Barrymore, Lars Chickering-Ayers, Silas Chickering-Ayers, Hedwig Wessel, Collin Collins, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Kai Van Bueren, John Ware, Lexi Dupont, Dreyson Rahlves, Harper Mallot, Desi Sherwood, Ridge Dirksmeier, Willy Griffith, Toby Rafford, Wyatt Minor and Payton Mcelhiney.