By: Simon Bartik November 02, 2023

LINE Skis presents a street film DAYCARE created by Will Wesson and Patrick Ring and we are not afraid to say it is one of the most fun street videos we’ve ever watched. Spot selection is top-notch, every featured rider has their own personal flavor that makes the whole piece entertaining. Will Wesson ages like fine wine and is still one of the best street skiers in the industry, it is also great to see his Traveling Circus mate Andy Parry make an appearance, and link up with the younger skiers like Patrick, Reagan Wallis, Tucker Fitzsimons, or Pete Koukov works perfectly. DAYCARE’s filming and editing fit with the vibe perfectly and makes you want to go skiing and probably even film a street video. And why is it called DAYCARE? As Will says on “The title became an inside joke; I was driving everyone around and acting like the team dad…it felt like it sometimes.”

From YouTube: Daycare – a street skiing video by Will Wesson and Patrick Ring presented by LINE skis.

Featuring: Will Wesson, Patrick Ring, Reagan Wallis, Kale Cimperman, Tucker Fitzsimons, Bennie Osnow, Andy Parry, Pete Koukov, Taylor Lundquist, Dasha Agafonova, Mitchell Brower, Ross Imburgia, Jed Waters, Liam Baxter, Kevin Merchant, Paddy Flanagan, Kevin Salonius, and Dickie Styza.

“When It’s Gone” – Vaguess
“Mother Whale Eyeless” – Brian Eno
“Robbers” – Koopsta Knicca
“Amazing Grace” – Kashido
“Find Yourself” – Jacco Gardner
“Not An Addict” – K’s Choice
“Basket Case” live (cover Green Day) – Alanis Morisette

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