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Crankcall | a Finnish street project by 888anam

By: Simon Bartik November 01, 2023

So many independent street movies are coming out recently and we totally love it!

This time it is another up-and-coming crew from Finland 888anam (how many street crews are actually from there, right?) with their new project “”. These guys don’t give a damn they are serving us some crazy moves on gnarly spots with a classic Finnish  aesthetics. If you like street skiing, do not hesitate and press play immediately.

From 888anam crew: we made this video in between 2021-2023 with my friends Alvar, Lauri, Jesse, Vilho, Teemu, Luukas, Otto, Arttu and Tuomas and our groups name is 888anam. Its filmed 100% in Finland: Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Ruka, Kuusamo, Joensuu and Oulu. It wasn’t easy for us to make the video, because everyone of us mostly enjoys skiing and we do not have specific filmer or editor, everyone does everything. This video is edited by Vilho and Alvar and filmed by everyone.