20 years of SuperUnknown

SuperUnknown 20 | Mega Recap by Level 1

By: Simon Bartik October 29, 2023

Level 1 Production has contributed so much to freeskiing by not only producing movies but also organizing events. Their most famous and the longest-running one is a SuperUnknown contest – a video competition for upcoming skiers, which over a years developed into a spring session for the lucky chosen ones. It’s crazy to think SU introduced some of the biggest names in skiing – Tom Wallisch, Magnus Granér, Corey Vanular, LSM, or Keegan Kilbride. To celebrate 20 years of doing it Level 1 invited some of the former participants and Level 1 affiliates along with the 2023 finalists. SuperUnknown 20 took place in an epic Mammoth Unbound park with more than 60 invited skiers, Caoimhe Heavey and Mikkel Brusletto Kaupang took the crown. What more to say? Enjoy 20 minutes of a classic Level 1 edit with a bunch of finest skiing characters.

From YouTube: 20 years of SuperUnknown. For the big birthday, we had to pull out all the stops. 16 finalists, 45 pros from all over the world, and one big-ass session at Mammoth Unbound.
A heartfelt thank you to every single person who has participated in the event over the years, whether as an athlete, a filmer, or simply someone who likes to follow along and watch. 20 years deep, and we’re still putting on for the culture – but it’s your engagement that makes it possible.

Supported by Mammoth Unbound, Ikon Pass, Dales Pale Ale, and Newschoolers

Edit by Thomas Crandall and Conor Smith

Filmed by Arttu Heikkinen, Gavin Rudy, Owen Dahlberg, Brady Perron, Big Drew Mildenberger, Josh Berman, Freedle Coty, and Ian Avery Leaf.

Level 1 Staff: Conor Smith, Josh Berman, Schui Baumann, Emy Reznik, Conner Frank, Ryan Lavallee

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