A personal journal entry

Free, in Your Body | An analog short film by Dylan Siggers

By: Simon Bartik October 28, 2023

Dylan Siggers is one of the skiers known not only for his skiing skills but also for his vision and creativity. Dylan’s newest flick Free, in Your Body is shot purely on film and is according to Dylan “something of a personal journal.” Have a seat and enjoy this feel-good film full of powder and good times spent sking with friends.

From YouTube: An analog short film by Dylan Siggers.
There are many paths to personal fulfillment in a person’s life. Halfway into my lifetime, creating films has grown to become my own. With it comes a sense of purpose and belonging. Finding the path to the greatest appreciation of each moment, and attempting to convey that feeling back to an audience is something akin to magic. Remaining present when experiencing beauty but still capturing it to share with others, and represent that feeling through film.
With this latest project, I chose to shoot it entirely on analog film. Forcing a new sense of attentiveness to our decisions, and acceptance of failure for each roll of film. Shooting on film forces myself and my friends to learn lessons outside of only the mechanics of the camera. With that came a sense of freedom for creativity in what we shot. Allowing me to point the camera at what felt important to myself, not only what I thought people would want to see on screen at the end of the year. With that, I created something of a personal journal entry; about my closest moments with friends and family throughout the winter. Taking time to just do something and get out of it, and feel Free, in your body.

Made possible by Stellar Equipment
and supported by commit.

Shot by Jason Mannings, Alex Vos, Sophie Perrault, Peter Wojnar, Olivia Johnson, Nick Nault, Steve Reed, Taylor Lundquist, Jake Strassman, Franz Perini, Layne Leskosek, Jarrad McCarl and Rob Huele.

Filmed in Fernie, Myoko, Brighton, Vancouver, and Whitewater.

Film processing by The Negative Space.

Photo by Steve Reed