By: Ethan Stone October 26, 2023

Seriously, how does the man do it? Armada Skis OG Tanner Hall just hit 40 years old and he’s still going harder than kids half his age. Arguably, he’s even going harder than the 20-year-old Tanner Hall was—which is really saying something.

“XL” is Tanner’s latest season project, and it’s all we’ve come to know and love from the Ski Boss. From gnarly street shots to pristine backcountry booters, Tanner is still intent on pushing his skiing further every day that he skis, whether that’s stomping a quad backflip or putting down some truly next-level butter combos. Now just press play, you won’t regret it.

XL is 40 in Roman Numerals and it’s dropping on my 40th bday so this one special! We filmed in Montana, Utah and California over the past couple years. The film features skiing from Pat Goodnough, Tyler Sonowski, Brenan McLean, Lupe Hagerty, Ben Gilbert, and a little bit of Nate Bozung. Been over 20 years in this game and hoping XL gets you all hyped to shred!