By: Matt Masson December 02, 2022

Nothing lasts forever. All good things come to an end. The brightest stars shine half as long. Whichever cheesy saying you pick, Delete is officially the last movie from Strictly.

Following their first movie Welcome and their sophomore effort Bermuda, Delete is yet another masterpiece, mainly street —Trevor Kennison even pops up for a bit of adaptive street skiingwith backcountry and enough goofing around to keep everyone happy.

The throwback segment, after the credits have rolled and they’ve shut the laptop, is surprisingly emotional and reminds you how quickly this crew became a fixture in the scene. Pete, Sam and Calvin combined with Jonah, Levi and Benny have been the stalwarts throughout the Strictly era, other skiers have come and gone, but the filmers Andrew Mildenberger and Gavin Rudy have always made these movies great.

For those of you wondering what’s next for Strictly, there could be a couple of hints at the end of this interview they did with us last year, but for now, that’s it. Without wanting to bring everyone down, without a Strictly movie I know there’ll be something missing next fall.

From Youtube:

Strictly offers up our final film, a pow and street endeavour featuring: Jonah Williams, Ryan Stevenson, Thayne Rich, Sam Zahner, Benny Smith, Seamus Flanagan, Parker Norvell, Pete Koukov, Calvin Barrett, Levi Ascher and friends