By: Thomas Trifonitchev December 03, 2021

Must be nice, yeah right it is John ! John Spriggs came out with his latest vide project ! Tune in feat. some more big names

John Spriggs has heard it a million times: “You’re a pro skier, must be nice.” What people don’t understand is the work, risk, pain, and reward that comes with dedicating one’s life to backcountry skiing. Come on a journey with Spriggs, McRae Williams, Taylor Seaton, Ben Moxham, Wiley Miller and more as they make their way through winter in the Rockies and show not only breathtaking action, but the other, darker sides of being a professional skier. Athletes: John Spriggs (@jahspriggs) McRae Williams (@mcrae_williams) Taylor Seaton (@taylorseaton) Wiley Miller (@wileymiller) Ben Moxham (@ben_moxham) Corey Seemann (@screamincmon) Jackson Blackburn (@jacksonblackburn) Jake Hopfinger (@jakehopfinger) Filmmaker: Edward Clem (@bigeasyphoto)