A provocative take

The Hypocrite | Amie Engerbretson exposes us all

By: Adam Herman February 27, 2024

Climate change is the scary threat on everyone’s minds that reminds us with every season that our dear hobby might not last forever. Many of us are thus very mindful of our participation in environmental destruction and try to do our best to minimize our impact. But what if that means less skiing? That’s exactly the dilemma Amie Engerbretson set out to explore in  this new film produced by TGR.

Provocatively called “The Hypocrite,” it explores snow sport enthusiasts’ dependence on sleds, helis, flights and other fossil-fuel-burning “necessities.” Should the mindful individual sacrifice these luxuries? Or is a POW sticker on our sled enough to offset our carbon footprint? Systematic change is needed anyway, and how do you expect me to shoot these Alaskan lines without a heli?

Hypocrite: Someone who says they have particular moral beliefs but behaves in a way that shows these are not sincere.
Cambridge dictionary

If the goal of the movie was to stir up discussion, that’s definitely a success. Just take a look into the YouTube comment section:

“Loved the concept of POW. As much as we need a systemic change in society, we need change from the bottom up, if you can’t change your own life how can you expect the world to change… I really don’t get it this video. I loved the concept of POW, have stickers on most of my gear to show that I’m a climate advocate, I guess I’ll just have to burn all my shit now.” – @Nondezeusproduction

“I’m glad y’all are starting this conversation. It’s clear that systemic change is the only way to fix this, but that doesn’t mean that we (as individuals) are off the hook. Everyone deserves to do the activities that bring them joy, BUT they don’t deserve to always do the absolute best versions of those activities. Like to snowboard? Great, use a split board at your local hill. Like to MTB? Great, ride your bike out your front door to your local trails. No one “deserves” to ski in a way that requires a helicopter or a snowmobile. End of rant. Be well.” – @markbabcock

Trying to summarize the ideas presented in this movie would be a disservice to Amie and everyone involved. There’s many interesting takes and more breathtaking shots. So go watch it yourself and join the discussion! Are you too, a hypocrite?

From Teton Gravity Research on YouTube:

“The Hypocrite” delves into a critical discourse that is resonating with individuals across various spheres. In the context of climate advocacy, the film examines the inherent contradiction between personal actions and systemic efforts. The story is masterfully woven through the perspective of a professional skier, confronting the complex interplay between advocating for change and relying on fossil fuels for athletic pursuits. The film aspires to foster unity and collaboration within the outdoor community, transcending perceived hypocrisy and feelings of not fitting in. It aims to dismantle the culture of individual blame and guilt, focusing instead on the systemic shifts required to pave the way for a sustainable future. By erasing the boundaries that label individuals as hypocrites, the narrative invites viewers to recognize the urgent need for collective action and change.