Waking Hour | Paniertn Circus

By: Roy Kittler January 05, 2018

Our third full-lenght ski movie is NOT ONLY about skiing. With a healthful dosage of self-criticism it tells the story of an almost-grown-up, living on his own, trying to answer the everyday question: “What is it worth to spend time on?”.

A film by Christoph & Philipp Kaar, featuring the skiing skills of ⟐ Simon Loitzl ⟐ Alex Hasslwandter ⟐ Patrick Concha ⟐ Lukas Cairns ⟐ Marlon Zuelch ⟐ Torge Nagel ⟐ Tobias Bretzke ⟐ Philipp Loitzl ⟐ Philipp Kaar ⟐ Luis Blechner ⟐ Christoph kaar

Talk to us about the crew and how you all started skiing together.

We, PaniertnCircus or PC, are a small freeski crew from the Tyrolean lowlands, which besides us, the twins Philipp and Christoph Kaar, consists of Florian Haberl, Lukas Cairns and the Peruvian Patrick Concha. If anyone asks why we picked the name “PaniertnCircus,” we unfortunately have to reply that we ourselves don’t really know why. It just arrived one sunny morning in the Vans Penken Park. But those who know us better will understand why “paniert” (“baked” in English) passes quite well to our manner (haha).

How long have you been making films? Talk to us about your previous projects and how this one is different?

Hey there! We have been making movies for 8 years now and it quickly turned out to be a real passion of us. Me (Chris) and my brother Phil always did the same things, like ALWAYS. This could sound kinda annoying for some, but it really brought us to the point we are right now, concerning both skiing and making films.

We did three bigger projects so far. DEVOTION, INTERMONDI and WAKING HOUR. Creating something “different” was always the goal. So every movie has its own vibe kinda. With that being said, WAKING HOUR for sure was the most time-, and nerve-consuming of all. Why? Because we really wanted to make the viewer reflect on what he is seeing, while or after watching the movie. The question “What is it worth to spend time on?” should at least be in the heads of the audience afterwards. Not everybody will be able to find an answer to that question, but that was not the intended goal anyway.

What are some other filmmakers you take inspiration from? What about skiers?

A big inspiration has always being Stept productions. TEN AND TWO was THE best ski movie for us. They tell a story, a story you can relate to and that’s where cinema starts. To stand out from the crowd isn’t easy, especially when your skiing is not that crazy (talking about our skills right now haha).

The bunch might be the biggest influence skiing ever had, especially in this generation of skiing. Their films convey feelings and messages that are special and speak for their way of living. It’s an experience every time. Also shoutout to HG Skis and their movies, EAT THE GUTS was, without doubts, the best urban film this year. It’s like watching a skate movie. Trickery, music and editing was top notch. Vibes!

What is on the schedule for this winter?

We don’t have any exact plans for this winter, but we surely gonna be out there filming. Planning to do more short trips and bc stuff also.