Wizard at work

Antti Ollila | Roots Athlete Cut

By: Ethan Stone February 28, 2022

Is there any skier you’d rather watch than Antti Ollila? If you say yes, you’re either lying, a fool… or just have a different opinion. That’s allowed, of course. But it doesn’t mean you’re right. Now I’ll shut up and allow you to hit the play button on three minutes of glory from the Revelation from Rovaniemi, the Finnish Phenomenon, the White-Wisped Wizard himself… Mr. Antti Ollila. And once you’re done, you might as well indulge yourself to a viewing of Faction’s Roots in full. Thank me later.

Antti Ollila brought his signature flair and unworldly skills to 3 out of 8 chapters of the Roots film. We’ve amassed his best clips into a 3-minute edit for your viewing pleasure. Sit back, relax and enjoy a lesson in style from the best in the game.