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Hussle & Motivate | Henrik Harlaut Street Part

By: Ethan Stone January 19, 2023

Surprise, surprise: It’s mid-January and Henrik Harlaut is coming in hot with a brand-new street part, “Hustle & Motivate.”

Meet the new Dollo, which not so different from the old Dollo. Freed from the contest grind for the first time, Henrik is now focusing on skiing the streets, and he doesn’t want to wait until next year to serve up his footage.

“I want to try change the blueprint of how things are released in skiing and try to do more like on the skate scene, where people film parts and drop them when they are ready rather than holding on until the fall,” Henrik told Downdays. “Personally I think that would be amazing, since now it almost gets overwhelming with all the new sick movies in fall when they release every other day. I think [it’s good to] still have the big projects come out then, but it would be sick if people started doing small parts as well and release during the season!”

“This part is special for me personally since this is my first year not focusing on completing, so I wanted to still channel that hard work mentality and finish this part before the end of January,” he added. “It wasn’t the best early season for Europe snow-wise, and halfway through I broke my hand/wrist, which was painful, but not enough to stop me from finishing the work.”

Yes indeed, this is the Dollo we know: skiing with a broken hand because he’s got a job to get done.