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Lukmed: A Georgian Ski Movie | Aslan Media

By: Matt Masson January 14, 2023

I first saw Lukmed at iF3 Chamonix, but had been eager to see it since I put the trailer in the yard back in October. I remember way back, in the time before Covid, Markus Eder told me about the “Alaska-style” conditions of the Caucasus mountains, so I was excited to finally see them [on film] for myself.

Lukmed is the story of a couple of French Skiers, Sébastien Varlet and Oscar Mandin, exploring the beautiful mountains with local guide, Nick Phaliani.

Nick tells them that the terrain is playful, wide and largely unexplored, which is exactly what Markus had told me.

One moment that did make me smile was the segment when Séb and Oscar are jibbing around a seemingly deserted town, a Red Bull sign is clearly visible! You can get away from the crowds, but freeskiing can never get too far away from energy drinks!

You’ll have to watch the movie to make up your own mind, but Georgia does look tempting (but don’t tell too many people!)

From YouTube: Lukmed is a Georgian word that represents an old and beautiful story. Before the opening of two ski resorts in Svaneti region, a wonderful place located in the Georgian Caucasus mountains, elders shaped and designed handmade wooden skis to ride down the icy roads of the villages. Skiing is now a growing activity in their mountains however lukmeds still exist and will remain what we like to call the origin of skiing in this region. This nice story has been brought to us by Nick Phaliani, a local guide that grew up in the village of Mestia. Nick guided our two french riders, Sébastien Varlet and Oscar Mandin in the discovery of this incredible terrain, countless stories and very old traditions. — CREDITS — Riders : Oscar Mandin, Sébastien Varlet, Nick Phaliani

Directed by: Johan Ghio

Production : Aslan Media