By: Ethan Stone May 07, 2019

After last month’s bountiful harvest of footage, the Audi Nines film crew is sitting upon a literal mountain of banger shots. The challenge now is figuring out how to serve up all those bangers for the hungry public, without the fare becoming repetitive.

Luckily the Audi Nines team has put this task into the hands of the brothers Chris and Philipp Kaar, who’ve cooked up this mixtape Volume 1 for your enjoyment. The creative masterminds behind impressive amateur ski flicks like Waking Hour and Intermondi, these talented twins and are now slicing and dicing for the Nines, and the effects are palpable. Given the challenging task of chopping up this mountain of raw ingredients into a five-minute full course, they’ve delivered with a spicy first offering. A delectable blend of stoke mixed with some of the week’s most outrageous highlights, this is the Audi Nines content we’ve been waiting for.