Pipe Ground 2016 – Dope Features & Good Friends

By: admin April 27, 2016

More than 40 skiers and snowboarders assembled in Avoriaz, the freestyle pioneering resort, to shred a dope transition park feature. Without budget but plenty of motivation – and help from volunteers – JR Ceron, filmer Thomas Barnier and Robin Romera organised a week of shooting local people and shapers. The goal was to gather friends for a fun session that realised a dream the shapers have had in mind for a while: cut the two Avoriaz pipes apart to create on hell of a transition park.

The day I came on site was the “contest” day. A contest which never happened ‘cause the staff let everyone just enjoy the feature to the fullest. And what a great show it was: between champagne transfers and a huge gap, there were plenty of lines to explore. Between the two sessions, the break at the restaurant was a collection of food, fun stories, beers and good times with friends; perhaps even the highlight of the day considering the atmosphere and the organiser’s goal.

This one day I witnessed at Pipe Ground was beyond awesome and lets hope they will have more budget and resources to make it even better next year. Stay tuned for more footage and maybe even a clip at the HighFive Festival.

That was the last European event we will cover but we have a little surprise for you in a few months.