Frostgun Invitational — Vinny Cash is $15K richer

By: admin February 19, 2016

I have to admit: the champagne that Vinny Gagnier sprayed into the public wasn’t so bad to drink, either, and I hope I’m not writing any bullshit. But the nice buzz I’ve got right now is a perfect match for tonight’s crazy atmosphere, where a thousand drunk French and Danish people crowded together to watch tonight’s two-hour semis and finals of the Frostgun Invitational Big Air in Val D’Isere.

With 40-minute semi heats and a 40-minute finals, there was plenty of time to see what these riders had to offer. Many didn’t even make much use of practice, saying, as Vincent Gagnier did, “We have enough jumps during the comp.” Others might still have been drunk from the last night’s party, like the cameraman up top who didn’t recognize anyone from the night before, saying “Sorry, I don’t even remember the last hour of my night.” Yes, I’m talking a lot about alcohol and parties and forgetting the freeskiing; but after all, half of the riders come here just for the party—and well more than half of the spectators do the same!

That’s what Frostgun is about: a huge week of parties with skiing and snowboarding as the cherry on top. And the cherry on this cake was delicious again despite the approximative organization, but helped by talented MCs Nico Zacek and Alex Hamelin.

Well, you’ve got the videos and photos—I’m headed back to the party.

1. Vincent GAGNIER (CA)
Right Bio 9 Genie + Octo-grab
Switch Right Rodeo 540 Mutegrab Pretzel 180

2. Gaëtan CARLIER (FR)
Left Nosebutter Dub 12 Tailgrab
Left Dub 720 Safety

3. Klaus FINNE (NOR)
Switch Left Dub 10 Japan
Left Dub 14 Tailgrab