By: Ethan Stone June 11, 2018

This spring, American skier Abner Wyman headed to Sweden for six weeks, and like the kids will do these days, he spent a lot of time filming on his phone (when he wasn’t busy learning how to backflip). If you want to know what the vibe is like while ski-bumming around Sweden for a month and a half, hitting up events like Aioli Cashout and Kimbo Sessions and hanging at home with Magnus Granér and the rest of the The Bunch, then these 12 minutes of phone-fresh video are just for you.

From Wabs:

“Special times traveling ALL around Sweden! Linked up with more good homies than you can shake a cheese cutter at! We drove 60 some hours, with around 15 stops and around 1500 max burgers! Golden Hours were seen, Kroners were won, and great friends were made! Thanks to everyone who linked up and made dreams come true!”


Magnus the Skiman the Freakman

The whole Hörnefors Crew

Douglas Benne and the Big City Fam

Peyben & Presi the Electric Duo

J Nilla The Beast and the Nilla Family Compound

Nills Z For some Umeå Vibes

B Mack with his Turnt up House Vibes and Turnt down Peep VIbes

Hackel with his Vad Hande this Vad Vande that Swedish vibe


Lars and the Bollnas Gang For a psycho first day of skiing

Lisa and the Farm crew for putting us up in Sundsvall

Oliver Olpan Polpan Put on an incredible event on top of a Fjall @ RamenBurget we ate lunch every day in slippers that was nice

Kittelfjall Put us up in quite a luxurious cabin with amazing views and vibes

And finally Kim