By: Roy Kittler November 30, 2018

Turn of the lights, get out your popcorn, lay back and witness Austria’s Dennis Ranalter slay Absolut Park in the absolute dark.

“Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness we will discover the infinite power of our light.”

Headbud‘s Fabi Hyden and Dennis Ranalter have been working together on projects for quite some time now, and the team works like a charm. Absolut Darkness united D-Rans smooth ripping with Fabi’s creative and clean eye of cinematography. Every single aspect about this clip is just pure perfection, from the lightning to the angles, the music and of course the style both in front and behind the lens. We salute you!

SKIER: Dennis Ranalter

LOCATION: Absolut Park / Flachauwinkl

PRODUCED BY : Fabian Hyden