Black Diamond Presents: Connections

By: Roy Kittler January 15, 2018
The early winter season is all about re-connecting with what it means to be a skier again. In this film, we follow Black Diamond Athletes Tobin Seagel and Mary McIntyre into the Monashee Mountains, where they make their first turns of the season and get a dose of sage advice from a wise chalet owner.
For skiers, the off-season can be a time of reflection. After a singular focus on chasing powder all winter, the abrupt change of rhythm defined by the seasons can be a tough adjustment. It’s easy to lose focus on what matters most. Work might take precedence over passion, winter friends drift away, and at times we may question the sacrifices we’ve made for a life in the mountains.
But with that first snowfall, our priorities become clear again. Childlike excitement takes hold as we pull dusty skis out of the garage and give them a fresh coat of wax. We come alive during the moment we take that first step uphill, and at that split-second when we let gravity take over and slide downhill on snow.
There’s more to skiing than just the thrill of it, though. Spending time in the mountains, away from the distractions of our complicated lives, helps us to better CONNECT with what matters most: friendships, conversation, and appreciating what’s around us.
It’s the simple things. The connections we make during this pursuit we call skiing. That’s what “real living” is all about.