Blake Wilson | 2018 Backcountry Part

By: Roy Kittler April 27, 2018

One of my main goals this season was to put together a full solo segment. Getting away from my usual flow of inbounds hot laps and lift accessed filming. I quickly found out that the skiing is an easy part compared to all the other aspects of filming/traveling. I got my ass kicked… a lot. I learned a ton about how segments come together, how to be productive and to manage the shit-show of things breaking, frustrating days and completely running out of money. With this idea in mind and no funding, I set out to make something out of nothing.

Stoked for more to come! Enjoy.-blake wilson

Music:  “Sleeping on the Blacktop” – Colter Wall

Filmed by: Grant Howard, Mitchel Brower, Cody Perin, Blake Wilson

Edited: Blake Wilson