Neon-heavy days of yore

Blazar OJ 1983 | Julien Lange

By: Ethan Stone January 26, 2019

Do you remember the feeling of skiing as a kid? That absolute exuberance and feeling of freedom? That pit in your stomach standing above a jump with a cute girl watching? Julien Lange’s 2018 short “Blazar OJ 1983” taps into that nostalgia from the neon-heavy days of yore, before getting right down to work with some heavy-hitting BC action.

Blazar OJ 1983 has a lot of things going for it. First off, Julien’s part is everything you want to see in a modern freeski edit: huge backcountry hits with a lot of different tricks, some big lines and plentiful powder. And tapping into some early childhood memories gives this enjoyable short its creative edge, and reminds the viewer of that primal, childlike love for skiing — the reason why we’re crazy about this sport in the first place. But enough waxing poetic — click play and feel the vibes.