BRAP SKI 1 by Karl Fostvedt | Full Movie

By: Thomas Trifonitchev November 16, 2021

Now this is something you really want to see. BRAP Ski 1 is an awesome movie that features the finest backcountry skiing directed by Crazy Karl & Jasper Newton.

Karl said it fairly nice in my opinion:

A film about the 2 ‘funnest’ sports on the planet: Brappin’ n’ Skiin’ !

with a Stellar Line up of skiers:

Karl Fostvedt

Thayne Rich

McKenna Peterson

Dirt Franco

Lexi Dupont

WingTai Barrymore

Collin Collins

Barrett Cincotta

Matt Guys

Chase Josey

Narrated by: Old Man Wayne

oh and if you didn’t get what brappin’ means …  SLEDS BABY.