By: Downdays February 03, 2022

Go with the flow: That’s the message of this delightful little film brought to us by the good people of Innsbruck-based ski crew El.Makrell. Join Rosina Friedel, Ludwig Hagelstein and friends for a flowy, Euro neo-synth tribute to dihydrogen monoxide, the wet stuff, spanning from Austria to up north.

Fluid – Nothing is more familiar to us than Water.
We need it every day. It keeps us alive & connects us. It is the basis for plants, animals, humans and for our sport. It gives us what we love & live: the snow, the fluffy powder, the slushy slush or the hardpack. And yet water is just as mysterious to us.We often use the fluid without even a second to think about it how vital and special it is. Of course water is a matter to us. But the problems surrounding water are increasing more and more microplastic, high nitrate levels, prolonged droughts.
Fluid takes the audience on a visual journey through the cycle of water – condensation, precipitation, sun and melting – and its phases integrating different styles and passions of our winter sport.Fluid wants to raise awareness and celebrate the benefits of this basic little molecule. It displays the beauty and the importance of water in our marvelous mountains.
Let’s celebrate the water & its huge energy!
a video by.
Ludwig Hagelstein & Rosina Friedel
Ludwig Hagelstein
Lucas Cairns
Ludwig Hagelstein, Rosina Friedel, Moritz Waas, Richard Buchner, Lukas Ellensohn & all the riders
Lukas Ellensohn, Raphael Hagen, Marc Welschinger, Armando Guetg, Rosina Friedel, Jakob Siedersleben, Lucas Mangold, Ludwig Hagelstein, Lukas Schlickenrieder, Moritz Waas, Magnus Kramer, Magnus Granér, Jacques Summermatter, Adrian Gaiser, Torge Nagel, Severin Guggemoos, Felix Gross, Jakob Aigner, Vilmer Ivarrsson, Jens Nilsson, Luis Meier & Luis Eckert
Franziska Hundhausen, Thomas Friedel, Johannes Berger & Frida Drews