By: Downdays January 31, 2022

No cap, Line has been coming with some serious heat on the edit game this winter. First they brought back the team mixtape, then they came with this heater from Davos. Next up, a squad jam from Utah as the team rolls up to Woodward Park City and Brighton. Take note, other ski companies: this is how you put your riders on blast.

Introducing the LINE up! A new cut from the LINE skis team straight out of Woodward Park City and Brighton. From new faces on the team to veterans and young guns alike, good vibes, stacked crews, and hot laps are the theme of this cut. We hope it inspires you to get ready to take some laps this weekend!

Tucker Fitzsimons
Will Wesson
Kale Cimperman
Taylor Lundquist
Mitchell Brower
Patrick Ring
Alex Koford
Bobby Sullivan
Jed Waters
Simeon Glass
Shaggy Eells
Bennie Osnow
Paul Marik
Tom Wallisch

Film and Edit:
Patrick Ring

Woodward Park City & Brighton