Crossing Paths – Minnesota | Good Company’s love letter to an urban mecca

By: Ethan Stone November 15, 2018

The upper Midwestern US state of Minnesota is a mostly flat place, with the highest mountain clocking in at a whopping 701 meters. So why will you see it in nearly every major freeski and snowboard production? Good Company shows us why Minnesota is a mandatory pilgrimage for any street rider in their new short “Crossing Paths – Minnesota,” featuring Lupe Hagearty, Forster Meeks and Dale Talkington on the Midwest hustle last season, as well as a nice retrospective from Good Company’s many years of filming in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

During the winter of 2018 Lupe Hagearty, Forster Meeks, and Dale Talkington linked up in the street skiing mecca of Minnesota to explore the cities and capture some urban skiing. This is a piece that not only showcases what they were able to do during this trip but also gives a bit of a retrospective towards what makes the area so iconic for street skiing and snowboarding. Enjoy!