Jesper has done it again

Jesper Tjäder slides the first ever open loop jib

By: Simon Bartik April 16, 2024

Jesper Tjäder is unstoppable. You probably remember he already slid a loop box in Field Productions’ film Supervention 2 back in 2017. After 8 years Jesper went for the loop again, but this time without the upper part. Believe it or not, after more than a 40-try battle he did it like it’s not a big deal.

If you want to see more crazy jib stunts, make sure to tune in to the live stream of Jesper’s event Red Bull Unrailistic, which will go down in Are on April 26. Watch it on Red Bull TV.

From YouTube:

‘Ever since completing the loop back in 2016, I had the idea to cut the top off to do an open loop.’ Jesper Tjäder is back at it again, with yet another seemingly impossible idea to turn into reality.

Witness the world’s first ‘open loop slide’ on skis! Loop footage from the film Supervention 2 by Field Productions: Field Productions: