Bridging cultures

Kastanistan | Exploring a new zone in Georgia with the Snowmads

By: Matt Masson January 27, 2023

In late Winter 2022 and after months of chasing powder across the globe, SCOTT athlete Fabian Lentsch set out on a Snowmads mission to Georgia, where he reunited with his local friend and mountain guide Nick Phaliani. The crew aimed to reach a never-before-skied zone in the Georgian mountains, a true freeride paradise.

SCOTT athlete Fabian Lentsch presents his new film “KASTANISTAN,” a story about friendship and exploration in a never-before-skied region of Georgia.

Nick and Fabi first met in 2016, when Fabi visited Georgia for the first time filming the first Snowmads film. Back then, Fabi discovered the great terrain Georgia has to offer, and Nick fell in love with skiing. Since that first trip took place, some things have changed: Fabi has found profound joy in becoming a bridge builder between cultures and mentoring young riders, while Nick’s passion for the snow led him to become a certified mountain guide in only three years.

This adventure took the group on a journey to feel like they were citizens in an imaginary place without borders, where love, peace and skiing are the center of everything: A place they named KASTANISTAN.