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Kimbo Sessions 2024 | The final recap

By: Simon Bartik May 17, 2024

Kimbo Sessions 2024 is done and dusted and it was a hell of a ride! The final Recap 3 directed by Björn Eklund and filmed by Andreas Olofsson and Björn just dropped and it really hits the spot.

Feel the tropical temperatures in an epic Kläppen Snowpark with endless transitions, featuring the best skiers in the world. It’s hard to describe the Kimbo Sesh feeling, what was going on the whole week was out of this world. You can get a glimpse at the most fun event in nowadays skiing through the lens of Björn Eklund and Andreas Olofsson.

Even though there was no contest, riders voted for the most valuable player award at the end of the week. It was almost impossible to choose anyone since everyone skied so well and you basically missed a banger trick every time you blinked, but it was Jake Mageau whose overall performance and stylin’ all week long gave him a well-deserved win.

Kudos to Mr. Kim Boberg for doing it for the culture, and don’t ever stop, please. Skiing needs you.

Salt bae Kim Boberg shot by Daniel Ronnback

From YouTube:

Kimbo Sessions 2024 The final recap!

Filmed by: Andreas Olofsson and Björn Eklund

Edited by: Björn Eklund

Produced by : Kim Boberg

Thanks to everyone for supporting this gathering!

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