Mike King | Feast or Famine

By: Downdays April 27, 2020

Mike King is a skier’s skier. He spends his summers working his family farm in Michigan, and his winters chasing deep snow across the West. Along his journeys, Mike has grown a deep respect for the environments that nurture his various livelihoods. That respect, in turn, gave rise to Mike’s latest project, “Feast or Famine,” a plentiful powder romp with an ecological message.

Mike at work on the family farm. Photo: Frank King

Mike King presents “Feast or Famine.” A film that connects passion with purpose, as I’ve discovered the importance of protecting the places I love while chasing powder and big lines through British Colombia & the Pacific Northwest. Each summer I bring it back home for harvest on the farm in the Great Lakes. This film is just a taste of my complex existence; a way to share my gratitude and concern for the places that feed my soul and my stomach. I’m no expert, but I believe some is better than none, and we need all action for change. I’m a wild and carefree diesel driving activist, and this is my story. Edited by Mike King & Spencer Milbocker.

Once the cherry harvest is over, it’s time for the pillow harvest. Photo: Tim Zimmerman