By: Ethan Stone November 18, 2022

“Peace Lily” is a delightful little piece of work from LINE Skis team rider Dylan Siggers and Traveling Circus filmer Jake Strassman. Follow Dylan and friends from creative Canadian street spots and powder booters all the way to LINE Team Week at the Alaïa Parks Spring Session.

Those who know Dylan, know that he’s a master of the fine art of making skiing look beautiful, fun and joyful all at once, and “Peace Lily” serves up all of those qualities by the truckload. Here’s 18 minutes of skiing that are well worth your time.

From YouTube: Peace Lily is a film by Dylan Siggers and Jake Strassman with friends Liam Morgan, Zak Mousseau and Steve Reed. Also featuring Josh Herbert, Mitchell Brower, Johan (Sleepy) Lovey, Julius Champion and Jessy Desjardins.

Supported by LINE Skis, Stellar Equipment, and Fernie Alpine Resort. Filmed by Jake Strassman, with help from Liam Morgan, Nick Nault, Sophie Perrault, Marcus Ahlstrom, Connor Clayton and Dylan Siggers.

Photography by Steve Reed.

Color by Aaron Larocque


“for Zoya in China”

Gia Margaret

Licensed through Ordinal Records

“PUPTHEBAND Inc.Is Filing for Bankruptcy”


Licensed through Warner Chappell Music

“Dark Green Water”

Great Grandpa

Licensed by Terror Bird Records and Kobalt

“Hooplas Involving Circus Tricks”

Say Hi

Licensed through Bank Robber Records

“Interlude Guitar”

Kevin Frank

“Trailer Trash”

Modest Mouse

Licensed through Glacial Pace

We hope you enjoy ❤️