By: Matt Masson November 16, 2022

I recently caught up with the producer/skier/SuperUnknown finalist Rosina Friedel to talk about her new movie, Bucket Clips – An All-Female Mixtape.

The first question I had was about that name. The answer was nice and simple: “It’s a bucket full of clips. Just another word for a mixtape.”  It could have been a bowl or a cup, but Rosi thought that “Bucket Clips” was just nicer to say.

The concept was inspired by Jess Kimura and her Uninvited snowboard movies. Those are women snowboarding urban, and Rosi wanted to do something similar in skiing.

The movie is a compilation of clips from 22 women, a mixture of pros and ams, including a fellow SuperUnknown Finalist, Russian Dasha Agafonova , Olympian Margaux Hackett and everything in between.

Rosi knows that everyone needs a helping hand and everyone was so stoked to have a part and an opportunity. “I know that I have it super easy, because my husband, Ludwig Hagelstein, is a filmer. He knows cameras, can film me and cut, but it’s super hard to find someone who wants to film you and make movies. It’s obviously hard to get a part in a movie too if you don’t compete or aren’t known in the scene. You always need a gang!”

Last year she already had a budget from Newschoolers, for another movie that didn’t work out, so they went with this idea.

“It’s so nice to have one movie with so many women with different styles. If you want to get inspired, you can just watch the movie. That was my idea.”

Bucket Clips is an idea that came to life over the course of several phone calls with Rosina Friedel. Supported by NS & Soundboks, Rosina worked to gather this exhibition of art by lesser-known female shredders and made a movie highlighting the diversity and talent in the game right now. We are super stoked to have been able to support this project and look forward to Bucket Clips 2.0. We hope that watching this inspires you to stack clips this coming season and be a part of next year’s project.

Produced by Rosina Friedel

Edited by Ludwig Hagelstein

Animations by: Celine Garlichs