Redline Films: “PIRANHA”

By: Roy Kittler November 01, 2016

Before Piranha we had a 2 year urban project called ”MANA” but it was a little disappointing, because the winter was pretty bad back then and  our electric winch got stolen. But last season was much better though, and we were able to start filming in mid January. Some of us were in the army, Ville Vuori was competing around Europe and I was working the whole winter so our schedule was pretty tight but we still managed to get enough street stuff for the movie.  We also built a new winch but we had big problems with it so we were only able to hit a few winch spots. ‘Piranha’ was definitely the best project we have done so far. We stepped up our filming, editing and riding game and we are happy with the final result. Especially I’m very happy with Eero Haukkala’s street part because he was the only one who was able to film a whole part and it’s a pretty banger part in my opinion.

the-crew PIRANHA Redline Films

The PIRANHA crew Redline Films; Photo: Joonas Eloranta


Petja Sereda and a switch 5 nosegrab; Photo: Joonas Eloranta


Eero hitting a pool; Photo: Jonnas Eloranta


Trying to solve problems of our electric-winch; Photo: Joonas Eloranta

One of the best things last season was the ”12HRS” event at Sappee Snowpark. Sappee resort launched a video competition and the winner got the opportunity to build a dream park in 12 hours for closing weekend. We were lucky and ended up to build some cool features. Sappee resort also let us do a private park shoot with a snowmobile. The last two projects were urban only but this time we were able to add some park footage for the movie. Big thanks to Sappee and hopefully we can do it even bigger next season!

One week after Sappee shoots we headed up to north, we visited Ruka Springbreak, Nipwitz’s ”Ski Or Die” and after that we ended up in northern Sweden, Riksgränsen. There we filmed the last shots for the movie and enjoyed the sun. It was a great trip and we’re gonna do it again next spring. Now the movie is out and we’re planning the next project which will be pretty awesome. But big thanks to everyone who involved in the making of ”Piranha”.

-Henri Haikka, Filmer


Building a dream park; Photo: Joonas Eloranta


Ville Vuori transfering; Photos: Joonas Eloranta


Ville Vuori sending it at a sunset shoot; Photo: Joonas Eloranta


This speed-check didn’t end up good, Photo: Joonas Eloranta