Unfiltered Skiing | Maydaze

By: Roy Kittler January 19, 2017

There are places on this planet where the concept of time loses its relevance. Upon entering these sanctuaries, the outside world fades away, and our souls seem to find rest from all the noise, the harsh cacophony we have grown so accustomed to. Weeks on end may pass, while we explore our surroundings and ourselves, marvelling at the unfathomable scale of the panoramas around us. A universe of green and blue exploding before our eyes. Coming out the other end, we enter back into reality with a newly calibrated inner compass, forever holding its course towards the next adventure. We may be confused by how fast all those seemingly endless moments passed, sitting around fireplaces, high-fiving on mountain summits and huddled in the back of camper vans. Like we just woke up from a lifetime lived in a single night’s dream. In the end, documenting and remembering every detail isn’t what matters, but acknowledging that this is what we live for does. This is Maydaze, a journey without a plan, deep into the Arctic Circle.