Skiing while deaf

What It’s Like | Robin ‘Bino’ Gillon

By: Matt Masson February 16, 2023

There are certain scenarios that are very difficult to imagine. We might think we can imagine being deaf, but can we really put ourselves in a deaf person’s shoes? What It’s Like is a short film, starring Robin ‘Bino’ Gillon, a severely deaf skier.

Bino invites us into his world and explains what it’s like for him to ski as a deaf person.

His wit and charm are matched only by his smooth skiing. Bino explains how he has to use visual cues as his hearing affects his balance. A very impressive person, skier and movie.

From YouTube: Presented by Phonak. Produced by Funkhouse Media, Dan Wagner Media and Bino vision. Sound design by Jordan Gentry aka DJ Drowsy. Edited by Dan Wagner and Grant Shoop Graphic and Poster by Chris Glenn.