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2019 Ski Movie Trailers: The Trailer Yard

By: Ethan Stone September 02, 2019

Welcome to the Downdays Trailer Yard. Here we'll be hauling all of this year's crop of ski movie teasers, from the big companies to local ski crews. So kick back on your attached porch, crack a beverage and enjoy the latest goods from the world's ski filmmakers.

We'll keep this page updated as more trailers drop, so keep checking back for more.

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Keep it real - Jeremy Pancras

Website: Jeremy's Instagram

What they say: #KEEPITREALtheproject : a Freeski culture documentary, discover a one year world tour relating a story of self-acceptance through sports, art and lifestyle. 

What we say: After a vicious crash in 2017, Jeremy Pancras a.ka. PanPan picked up a camera and began documenting the lifestyle that he and his friends were living. After the surprise success of his first movie "Would You," he's back with a much anticipated sequel starring some of the best skiers in the game.

Slav 2 - Šimon Bartík

website: Youtube channel

What they say: Film je volné pokračování Slav In America, snažil jsem se zachytit mojí sezónu, ať už je to závodění, cestování, vymýšlení různých srandiček a trávení času s kamarády na horách. Velké díky patří BigShock!, Out Of Optics, Snowpanic, Armada Skis, Saga, Czech Freeski, kamarádům, rodině, přítelkyni, fanouškům a všem co se na film podívají, doražte na premiéru! :)

What we say: Following up on last year's "Slav in America," Czech ripper Šimon "Simba" Bartík is back with the sequel, and it looks very watchable indeed.

Nuance - Brady Perron & Phil Casabon

Website: Armada Skis

What they say: Phil Casabon and go-to filmmaker friend Brady Perron use a fresh recipe in their latest piece Nuance. Using their strong chemistry, the duo flips a new page, hitting home for skiers and beyond. Phil continues taking chances to grow and push his craft, a task easier said than done. Motivated by a ski background and Quebecois heritage, Perron shoots to reflect a lesser-known side of Casabon. Nuance keeps a high-performance ski standard but manifests Phil’s spiritual connection and obsession with his savoir-faire. Casabon’s goofy youthfulness remains strong while an increasingly intense focus looms. Nuance digs into a hands-on and harsh journey, one scattered with wintry vibes, Phil’s je ne sais quois and a fistful of special moments. A contrasting collection of audio and imagery represent the healing, fun, and dismay necessary for Casabon to fulfill his goals. Perron’s lens and post-production glue together a souvenir of months shooting rather than a document. 

What we say: More nuance from two of the best in the game. It's always a pleasure to see these two creative individuals working together to create something real.

121 - Legs Of Steel & Völkl


What they say: It’s often easy to overthink a ski movie and at times the reasoning behind it. The plan was simple. Focus on skiing, go where we want and do what we want. Jumps, lines and deep powder. This is an old school flick, plain and simple. It’s about friendship and freeskiing, one to one with some of the best powder hounds around... Featuring: Ahmet Dadali, Markus Eder, Paddy Graham, Colter Hinchliffe, Bene Mayr, Hidemitsu Okada, Tanner Rainville, Tom Ritsch, Fabio Studer.

What we say: Völkl rounded up their best powder hounds for this stompalicious movie that puts their new freestyle pow ski, the Revolt 121, in the foreground. Is it crazy to make a movie around one ski? Not with this stacked crew riding it.

The Collective - Faction Skis


What they say: The 2nd full-feature film by The Faction Collective in co-production with Red Bull Media House.

What we say: Heads up world, the Faction squad coming in hot again in what promises to be the best team effort of the year. From heavy urban to high alpine, this stacked crew covers all the bases.

Cruise Control - Good Company


What they say: Tom Wallisch returns from his 2018 knee injury, intent on spending the season skiing powder in the backcountry. He enlists his former roommates, Tim McChesney and AJ Dakoulas to join him, and together the two skiers and filmer had one of the most fun seasons of their lives.

What we say: A season skiing BC pow with Wallisch & McChesney? Doesn't sound like a bad time. Plus, we're itching to see what went down on that Chad's Gap session.

The 7 Stages of Blank - Blank Collective


What they say: "Based out of the coastal mountains of British Columbia, Blank Collective Films is an athlete-owned film production company. After multiple "Movie Of the Year" nominations at Powder Awards, the Blank crew does it again with their newest creation, "The 7 Stages of Blank". The 5th annual film features: Stan Rey, Alexi Godbout, Josh Daiek, Mike Douglas, Sam Kuch, Tony Lamiche, Mark Abma, Vinnie Gagnier, Evan McEachran, Barclay Desjardins, Jordy Kidner, Nico Vugnier, Jules Mandin, Andrea Byrne, Phil Langevin, and the Whistler Freeride Club. The world premiere will be held in Whistler on September 28th, followed by release online at SalomonTV on October 22nd.

What we say: There's currently no one other than the Blank Collective delivering the kind of rip-roaring Canadian stompfest that their latest film promises. With the addition of Mike Douglas and the talented SalomonTV filmers, this one's for skiers, by skiers, and not to be missed.

Romance - Level 1 Productions


What they say: In 1999 the old sport of skiing had just been given new life, and Level 1 was conceived to document its progress into the future. With twenty years in the rearview mirror it still stands true- new things never get old. Romance, the final chapter of annual films by Level 1, captures a modern-day Golden Age in skiing. Featuring a generation of talent that came of age in the best time to ever do it. Tweaking the formula, tweaking the grab, and in it for nothing but the love.

What we say: This year, ski film fans worldwide lamented the news that Level 1 will be producing its final annual ski film after two decades in the game. But don't fret: Level 1's not going away, they'll just be refocusing on other projects and you'll still be able to enjoy plenty of content from them in the future. And word on the street is that their talented squad of riders has gone all-out to make the company's 20th film its best one yet.

Return to Send'Er - Matchstick Productions


What they say: The skills, backstories and mindsets of four elite freeskiers—a renowned veteran, a stunning rookie, a mind-blowing innovator and a big mountain star carrying on his father’s legacy—are all captured in oversized personal segments based largely around each skier’s home turf. Each skier brings a different style and outlook to the table, but they all have one thing in common: they love to send’er. The body of the movie showcases some of the most progressive big and small mountain skiing filmed to date, and setting the stage for the end of the season when all four skiers unite for the mother of all heliskiing trips. Starring Mark Abma, Karl Fostvedt, Sam Kuch and Logan Pehota. Also featuring Eric Hjorleifson, Chris Rubens, Lucas Wachs... and more.

What we say: Tongue in cheek narration? Check. Epic classic rock jams? Check. Only the gnarliest big mountain and backcountry freestyle action? Check. MSP is back with more of the radical skiing and goofiness that we've come to expect from some of the best in the biz. With the focus narrowed on four standout athletes — Abma, Fostvedt, Kuch and Pehota — expect to see seminal segments, supplemented with action from the rest of the MSP crew.

Winterland - Teton Gravity Research


What they say: Winterland honors the mountain towns that cultivated legends and forged a path for us to follow. Join Nick McNutt, Tim Durtschi, Griffin Post, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Ian McIntosh, Sam Smoothy, Angel Collinson, John Collinson, Todd Ligare, Colter Hinchliffe, Fabian Lentsch, Christina Lustenberger, Kai Jones, Elyse Saugstad, Hadley Hammer, Jeremy Jones, Sean Jordan, Clayton Vila, Cam Riley, Cody Townsend, Robin Van Gyn, Mark Carter, and Nicky Keefer as they make their own mark on these fabled locations. 

What we say: Non-ironic narration? Check. Gratuitious Jackson Hole shots? Check. Token urban segment with Clayton Vila and Cam Riley? Check. Though they're long past the days of the reggae-thumping, face-shot worshiping powder tributes from whence they originated, TGR is still adept at serving up the modern ski movie experience with a cast of ripping athletes.

Timeless - Warren Miller Entertainment


What they say: The only constant is change, but the spirit of winter is eternal. Kick off the season with Warren Miller’s Timeless, presented by Volkswagen, as we celebrate 70 years of ski cinematography and travel with top athletes across the globe to renowned mountain locations.

What we say:

What we say: Honesty I can't remember watching a Warren Miller movie since around the time that the real Warren Miller relinquished control of the films around 2004. Still, the company he built is still churning out movies for the masses, so it's out of a sense of duty that we include them in this round-up — even if in the year 2019, it seems like they're going out of their way to include shots of tricks without grabs.

Over Time - Sammy Carlson

Website: Vimeo

What they say: Official teaser for my new video 'OVER TIME'. Full edit dropping this fall.

What we say: Who doesn't love a little Sammy C?

In the Meantime - Tanner Hall

Website: n/a

What they say: Following "Triumph" and "Here After", "In the Meantime" is the third installment in the Tanner Hall short film trilogy. In typical Tanner fashion, his season wasn't just defined by his first foray into the Freeride World Tour, but more from his constant and unwavering passion to skiing at large. In the Meantime documents Tanner's skiing from the streets, to the park, big mountains, and deep pow with a prowess that only Tanner can achieve. Created by Corey Stanton and Brady Perron and filmed on location by 'The Kid Again' in California, Sweden, Montana, and Japan.

What we say: God forbid that a year should ever pass in which Tanner Hall doesn't release his own self-produced ski movie. Season after season and long after fans and sponsors have written him off, the Ski Boss continues to stay on his hustle and prove that old dogs can learn new tricks.

The Mountains Are Calling - Shred House Media


What they say: SCOTT athlete, Dane Tudor and Simon Hillis take an introspective look at one’s attraction to the mountains, different types of snow conditions and terrain as they explore the breathtaking valley and mountains of British Columbia.

What we say: A deep dive into British Columbia's deepest pow stashes with Dane Tudor and Simon Hillis. Please sir, may I have some more?

welcome - Strictly


What they say: A warm and friendly, yet cold and harsh offer. Featuring Ben Smith, Pete Koukov, Ethan Swadburg, Carson Kerr, Parker Norvell, Calvin Barrett, and Sam Zahner with appearances by Jonah Williams, Dylan Siggers, Chance Conaty, Nick Hall, Levi Ascher, Taylor Lundquist and Zhach Pham.

What we say: Were you thinking that the action-driven, street-and-pow squad flick was dying out? Banish those thoughts, because it's clear that the new generation has arrived.

Brainmassage - Buldozlife

Website: n/a

What they say: Our 2019 Movie trailer. Will be premiering at the High Five festival. More details coming soon. Yes Nipwitz had a movie with the same name in 2014.

What we say: Streetwise Swiss crew keeps it real with urban-heavy squad flick for modern non-mainstream audiences.

Magma - Owen Dahlberg

Website: Youtube channel

What they say: MAGMA world premiere October 5 2019 at the High Five film festival in Anncey, France. MAGMA is 100% hand by the riders. We are stoked to show the world what skiing means and how we intemperate it. Please enjoy the trailer, we look forward to releasing the film online for FREE. Coming online this Fall.

What we say: Hunter Hess and Alex Hall go ham at Hood. Hey, that's alliterative.

Der Tiroler und sein Piefke - Midiafilm


What they say: The Tyrolean and his Piefke - Roman Rohrmoser and Felix Wiemers are good old friends who have been skiing together for over 10 years. One of them, the textbook German "piefke" has been coming to Zillertal for 20 years, and the other, a local, simply grew up there. Speaking the same language yet not understanding each others due to their dialects makes for a funny portrait about both athletes during what seems to be their best winter since forever. A lot of sick action, deep pow shots, ranging from misunderstandings to occasional skiing and boring daily routines.

What we say: "Piefke" is an unfriendly Austrian term for their neighbors to the north. If you've ever been on a ski piste in Austria, you'll understand why pejoratives like this are necessary. Even so, some of them manage to get along.

Jyosei - Laura Obermeyer

Website: n/a

What they say: Dropping in November of 2019, Jyosei is a short ski film made of girls, by girls. Featuring Maddie Jones, Zoë Blewett, Mina Itaba, Taylor Lundquist, Brooke Potter, and Stefanie Mössler.

What we say: Girls' project? Sounds dope. Filmed in Japan? Even doper.

Route des Abricotiers - Elias Henderson

Website: Vimeo

What they say: A ski movie filmed in the more unknown resorts/backountry of Switzerland with a mixed crew from Sweden and Finland. The first longer production from Elias Henderson. They travel around on the Apricot road for two months discovering new resorts and hidden gems. On the way they find fresh snow and playful terrain to express themselves, and try to get it all on film with a lot of mistakes and red wine in the process.

What we say: A gang of Scandinavians in Switzerland - what could possibly go wrong?

Heimspiel - Core Shot Productions

Website: Youtube channel

What they say: Dem Neuschnee hinterher zu reisen wurde uns im vergangenen Winter besonders leichtgemacht. Denn der fiel nämlich meist vor der eigenen Haustür - was dazu führte, dass wir den grössten Teil des Winters an unseren Hausbergen verbrachten. Der viele Neuschnee führte zu zahlreichen «best days ever» und eröffnete neue Lines, die nur mit besonders viel Schnee zu befahren sind. Gleichzeitig wurden einige eindrückliche Drops zu harmlosen Pillows. Ein besonders warmer Februar führte wiederum zu einer Menge an riesigen Fischmäulern, die einige unserer Lieblings-Lines unfahrbar machten. Diese befinden sich für uns am Arlberg, dem Montafon, im Disentis oder in Andermatt. Nicht gerade die Exoten unter den Skigebieten, so sind all diese Orte berühmt-berüchtigt für die eine oder andere Freeride-Piste, für ihren frischen Pulver und für klassisches Zöpfeflechten. Da hilft es, wenn man seine Ortskenntnis nutzt und gelegentlich die Felle auspackt, um den grossen Massen zu entfliehen. 

What we say: Servus.