Tanner Hall | Forever Trailer

By: Downdays August 11, 2020

We here at Downdays are big Tanner Hall fans. This is a guy who will straight never give up. He’s kept his nose to the grindstone for over two decades, writing ski history along the way. Where others have pulled back, re-prioritized, called it quits, Tanner has committed ever more fully to his passion. That’s what makes him the Ski Boss.

Fittingly, Tanner’s latest two-year film project is called “Forever.” Like some of his earlier oeuvre, “Forever” promises a look back at T’s tumultuous past combined with jaw-dropping shots from T’s present, including his self-reinvention as a top-tier competitor on the Freeride World Tour. We’re looking forward to the full movie drop on October 6.

With seven Winter X-Games gold medals and a career spanning twenty years, Tanner Hall has cemented himself as an icon and legend in the sport of skiing. Now, at age 35, he’s decided to enter the Freeride World Tour; a five-stop competition circuit in which skiers are judged on their ability to descend through rugged, un-groomed terrain. Having never competed in a freeride competition, Tanner embarks on the latest chapter of his career, struggling against the limits of an aging body while confronting the darkest memories of his past.