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A Village Powder Session at the SFR Tour

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On a competition down day, that good old freeskiing spirit comes back.

Today in Val Thorens, a down day at the SFR Tour, while the kids and the girls were practicing on the rails, other skiers had to find something to do during this cloudy, socked-in day.

Gallerie-david malacrida-4

Some people say that creativity comes from boredom, and that seemed true today as skiers on the lift watched a bunch of freeskiers double-flipping between the buildings. They probably didn’t know who those guys were, but we do: there was the Les 2 Alpes Freeski Club, some international judges and even Antoine Bizet, the first guy to land a double flip with a mountain bike. There were also other friends having fun on skis, trying new stuff, applauding the crashes as well as the landed tricks, kidding around with each other. Basically, people who enjoy the classic kind of freeski session that we all love.

These simple & fun sessions don’t always get talked about, but honestly, they’re the very best ones. Never forget to have fun!

Video coming soon, and watch out for coverage of the SFR Tour Val Thorens finals tomorrow.

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