What Escaper are you?

Experience the mountain’s different facets on ascent and descents. From hike mode to discovery mode to wonder mode. Engage mountain mode!


From mini-adventures to wide-open spaces, leave well-worn tracks behind and widen your horizons, take liberties with everyday routines, take time.  Let’s look out for these stolen moments: leaving fresh tracks on cottony powder early in the morning, weaving your way along a forest trail with your children, climbing a slope under a starry sky with the promise of nocturnal turns by the light of your head torch, taking off your skins at the pass and admiring the vast panorama…


Tour/work/sleep, a mountain take on the Monday routine. And a better one! Out here, the only thing we’re connected to is nature. Both simple and essential, this freedom costs nothing…and yet it is worth its weight in gold.


So what kind of Escaper are you? The freeride Escaper, touring in downhill mode, seeking out your own line? The mountain Escaper, experiencing the very essence of touring, deep in the mountains, in discovery mode? The resort Escaper, safely exploring vertical meters within the limits of the ski area in the company of friends or family?

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